Fair. Accessible. Committed. Ethical.

Meet Lizz Kuhn, the new F.A.C.E. of Fulton County.

June 9, 2020!

Yes, this is the same Lizz Kuhn who is a partner attorney at North Metro Litigators and has fifteen years of documented successful courtroom experience as shown in her reviews on Avvo, Lawyers.com, Findlaw and Google. She has practiced Family Law (divorce, child custody), Personal Injury Law, Bankruptcy Law, and some Criminal Defense.

I’m the new F.A.C.E. for Judge, of the Superior Court of Fulton County. Fair. Accessible. Committed. Ethical. That is why you should vote for me on June 9, 2020.

Being FAIR results from blending my diverse background and combining it with fifteen years of courtroom experience I “get it.” My experiences as a survivor of domestic violence early in my childhood, my work as a private attorney, experience as a teacher of inner-city youth, dedication to my children, and volunteer work in the community, naturally lend itself to understanding people. FAIRNESS is the result of hearing your story, understanding your background, providing you with your day in court, and balancing the needs of litigants with the needs of the public. As future Judge, I will not prejudge your case and will afford you the FAIRNESS you are guaranteed under the Constitution. I will not ignore the needs of people “written off” by society. I am approachable, and you need not fear my courtroom.

Like Fulton County residents, my own family struggled. Through hard work, dedication, and kindness from the community, I thrived. It is now time for me to give back to my community as your next Judge, Fulton County.

If our courts are not ACCESSIBLE, I cannot be FAIR. When elected Judge of Superior Court, I plan to improve ACCESS by making my courtroom run effortlessly. Streamlining my court business for both civil and criminal matters allows prosecutors, defense attorneys, law enforcement and private attorneys to not waste precious time. This will reduce the costs of attorneys, will free up our law enforcement to focus on protecting the citizens from crime, allows prosecutors more time to work out plea agreements, and will reduce a clogged docket for civil litigates. If citizens cannot afford attorneys, they lose proper ACCESS to our judiciary. Above all, law enforcement will be able to focus on their job- keeping us safe.

I am COMMITTED to being available and to review my files ahead of time. I am COMMITTED to issuing Orders in a timely manner so that litigants can move on with their lives and not be “stuck” in a clogged system.
I am COMMITTED to hearing your voice on what I can improve upon. I am COMMITTED to teaching our youth and young attorneys and I will never stop learning. Lastly, I will continue my COMMITMENT to my community outside of the courtroom by continuing community outreach and coaching. I look forward to learning from you when elected as the next Judge, Fulton County Superior Court.

Lastly, I am ETHICAL and sound in my judgment. I will strictly adhere to the ETHICAL code with the independence, integrity, and impartiality of the judiciary. I will not engage in discussions when both sides are not present.

Over the past 15 years, I fought to protect and defend Georgia families. As a successful private attorney, I have assisted many Georgians who could not afford competent counsel and were too “wealthy” for legal aid. I have often represented clients who were lost and without hope until I brought their cases to justice and obtained winning verdicts where my fellow attorneys said it was impossible. My trial record and appellate record are strong.

In addition to zealously litigating on behalf of Georgians, I give back to my community with time and financial support. I was a local, state and regional judge of Mock Trial for High Schools and Colleges and helped develop the pro se litigants seminar in Cobb County. I coach Upward Basketball for the Alpharetta Baptist Church, am the wrestling team mom, active room mom for my elementary school, and helped start the cheerleading and basketball feeder programs for Bethany Bend, now Cambridge. I have been a guest lecturer at Kennesaw State University for Criminal Justice and Corrections classes. My husband, Alex Hait, and I donate to sports teams at all grade levels, Camp Jenny (special needs camp), Hillel, AE Pi, Georgia Tech, West Liberty State University, St. Judes, Battered Women, Angel’s Among Us, MUST Ministries, ASPCA, and many others. When a person walks into our office, we help.

I am a member in good standing of the Georgia Bar, Georgia Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court of Georgia and a member in good standing of the Federal District of Northern Georgia. I am also a member of the Atlanta Bar, Stonewall Bar, Cobb County Bar, Blue Ridge Bar Association, Atlanta Bar Association, Family Division of the State Bar, and the Women’s Bar of Georgia.

People often ask, “how did you get to Atlanta?” I was raised by a single mother who enlisted in the armed services after we lost our home do to family violence. We moved often during my childhood. In 1996, I graduated high school from Moon Township, PA. While waitressing at Denny’s, I was in the right place at the right time. My manager was friends with the music department chair at West Liberty State University, West Virginia. I was offered a full music scholarship and pursued jazz saxophone and learned to play double tenor steel drums. Through hard work and dedication, I toured the Ohio Valley with the saxophone quartet and steel drum band. I inspired others to keep their head high and get an education. I was a member of Kappa Phi, a Christian Organization and continued my community outreach. I was voted as the local, state and southern regional president of the Music Educators National Conference (M.E.N.C.). I graduated in 2000 Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and moved to Connecticut to teach middle school chorus.

I created a competitive chamber choir for the inner-city youth. You cannot imagine the personal joy I experienced when my kids sang solos in front of the student body and state judges at competition time. My love and dedication towards my students made them successful and kept them off the streets. However, I needed to do more. When the Twin Towers fell on 911, I was told by my principal not tell my kids. I was personally disgusted and offended. These kids were going home to empty houses and I knew they would be frightened. I had to do the right thing and went against my principal. I turned on the news, explained terrorism and told my kids they were safe. At that moment, I knew I needed to do more for my community and it was time to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a lawyer. As an advocate, I would protect these children and applied to law school.

I packed up my car and moved to Boston, MA to attend New England School of Law. While in law school, I got a job at Home Depot and became a law clerk for a private attorney so I could afford to live. Juggling school and two jobs was not new for me. Keeping my grades up paid off my third year and I earned a full scholarship along with an Honors Judicial Internship in the Family and Probate Court of Massachusetts. I was voted Business Managing Editor of the New England Law Review, am most noted for my cutting-edge symposium: From Stem Cell Research to Human Cloning: Where Do We Draw the Line? In 2005, I graduated Magna Cum Laude, top 3% of my class, and was decorated with several honors. I researched best places in the US to live and I decided on Atlanta because of its diverse and welcoming nature. Since 2005, I have been active as an attorney, mother, volunteer, and citizen.

COVID-19 has impacted all of us. With shelter in place, I am watching people lose their jobs, their homes and their minds. Many people, like me, have older children we can’t physically connect with and we feel like a broken society. I am ready to help put us back together and pull Fulton County through tough times, as your next Judge, Superior Court of Fulton County.