Guest Speaker at Kennesaw State University

Lizz Kuhn was honored to be a guest speaker on March 10, 2020 at Kennesaw State University.  Lizz Kuhn first spoke to Foundations of Criminal Justice. The topic was mock trial.  Lizz Kuhn explained to the students the importance of opening statements as a prosecutor or defense attorney, creation of themes, general questioning techniques, and closing statements.  Lizz Kuhn also spoke to the Corrections class. The topic was race as it applies to arrests, indictments and convictions.  Lizz Kuhn explained to Georgia’s future GBI Agents, sheriff’s  and the like that race should not be a factor in any arrest or conviction, but we cannot ignore what is happening in some places.  Lizz Kuhn further explained the lack of mental health treatment in certain cultures and how certain societies view mental health treatment as a “problem” as opposed to a remedy.  Lastly, she explained the importance of the Georgia Accountability Courts.  Lizz Kuhn, as the next Superior Judge, is prepared and will continue to educate the students of this great state and herself. Education is a journey, not a destination.